*Note to readers:  We’ve had multiple requests to bring back Miss Blu, so here we go!  From now on we will feature a Miss Blu Employee Handbook Policy every other month.

For those of you who have asked, Miss Blu is the alter ego, if you will, of an actual HR professional here in Southwest Florida.  We’ve had a few guesses as to Miss Blu’s identity, but so far no one has been close.  Besides, we’ve been sworn to secracy, so we’re not going to spill even if you’re right!

We start with a Miss Blu policy we’re sure anyone with teenagers or other avid texters can appreciate — text speak!  Hope you all enjoy.



F$om: Miss Blu* n HR

2: ees

Re:  Texting Policy

U can’t text ur boss, k? not allowEd.  🙁  u will b fiiiired if u do per ceo eff now.  C HR w ?s, k?

*Miss Blu is the nom de plume for a Human Resources professional who lives and works in Southwest Florida. You can find her complete biography here.