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Guy's legal practice focused in mergers and acquisitions, business organization operations and planning, taxation, estate planning and health care law. He is a member and past chair of the Tax Section of The Florida Bar. Guy was also Board Certified in Tax Law and served as chairman of Florida Bar Tax Law Certification Committee.

Guy has been widely recognized and honored for his expertise in the legal field. He received the “2021-2022 Gerald T. Hart Outstanding Tax Attorney” award from the Florida Bar Tax Section. He has been consistently honored by Florida Super Lawyers® magazine since 2006 and has been named to Naples Illustrated’s “Top Lawyer” list. Guy has also been recognized by Best Lawyers in America from 2013 to 2024.

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Experienced business leaders know how difficult and expensive it is to hire, train and retain good employees. It can take years of “on the job” training for an employee at any level to become master of their trade. Businesses invest thousands of hours and dollars in honing those skills and often do nothing to protect their most valuable asset, their people. You must take steps to protect your business up front; otherwise, former employees and contractors may be free to solicit your employees and customers or claim ownership or co-ownership in your intellectual property.

In over 30 years, I have received many calls from anxious clients regarding former employees. Do any of these statements sound familiar:

  • “What can I do, my office manager just took a job with another company and he/she is calling on all of my best employees/customers to jump ship?”
  • “What can I do, I assigned one of my employees to create a new marketing plan [product], he/she left and is claiming ownership.”
  • “What can I do? I hired a company to do [blank] for me, and now they’re using that same concept for my competitors.”

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