radical color copyWe are excited to announce that Suzanne Boy will be presenting at the Florida Law Alliance Employment Law Conference, taking place on Thursday, November 12, 2015 at the law offices of Hill, Ward & Henderson in Tampa, Florida. Henderson Franklin is a member of the Florida Law Alliance, a group of six independent law firms practicing throughout Florida. The firms have combined their knowledge, efforts, and resources to increase efficiency, lower costs, expand the scope and improve the quality of legal services each firm provides to its own clients.

Topics and Speakers

Avoiding and Defending Wage and Hour Class and Collective Actions presented by Attorney Craig Salner from the Clarke Silverglate firm in Miami. Employers know that the only lawsuit you win is the one that never gets filed. In the case of wage and hour litigation, this is particularly true of collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and class actions under State law counterparts. This presentation will focus ways to defend class and collective actions or better yet, avoid them altogether.

Hot Topics from Inside the Equal Opportunity Commission presented by Attorney Edward Birk from the Marks Gray firm in Jacksonville, with guest speaker Robert Weisberg, Regional Counsel for the EEOC in Miami. For many employers, the EEOC is an unknown entity. How do they investigate charges of discrimination? What’s the most effective way to respond to a charge of discrimination? Is their caseload really as heavy as conventional wisdom says? Here is a chance to hear from a true insider—Robert Weisberg, Regional Counsel for EEOC. Find out how the agency views various charges of discrimination, what priorities the agency is focusing on and when does the EEOC decide to take on a case as the plaintiff.

Social Media in the Workplace: Who Has the Right? presented by Attorney Richard Smith from the Fisher Rushmer firm in Orlando. Social media has become a staple in our lives both at home and, often, at the workplace. The question arises what can an employer legitimately do and not do in relation to its employees and their use of social media both at and away from the worksite. Attendees will learn the extent social media is protected by the Stored Communications Act, how the National Labor Relations Act provides some employee protection to use social media, and steps an employer can take to prevent disruptive social media usage in the workplace.

Love Wins: How Recent Developments on LGBT Issues Impact the Workplace presented by Attorney Suzanne Boy of the Henderson Franklin firm in Fort Myers. Understanding the current status of LGBT-related issues in the workplace can be challenging for even the most experienced HR professional or the most sophisticated employer. In most states, sexual orientation is still not a protected class, yet the Supreme Court recently found a 14th Amendment due process right for same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, the EEOC has opined that sex discrimination under Title VII prohibits discrimination against transgender employees, but Title VII itself does not expressly bar discrimination against LGBT employees in the private sector. This segment will address this rapidly developing area of law, and offer suggestions on best practices in dealing with potentially complicated and sensitive issues that could arise at work. Attendees will gain a better understanding and learn how to spot potential LGBT-related issues in the workplace.

The Unique Challenges of Non-Compete Agreements presented by Attorneys Michael Schofield and Daniel Harrell of the Clark Partington firm in Pensacola. Employers and employees undertaking non-compete agreements present unique challenges for enforcement, fairness, and proper structure. Learn how to draft, avoid problems, and hearing practical tips based upon the latest court cases, and guidance on non-compete agreements for both employers and employees, and for a more smoothly functioning employment atmosphere. Attendees will learn the latest rules and decisions, and how they impact non-compete agreements; the do’s and don’ts in drafting non-compete agreements; and practical advice for defending a suit brought under a non-compete.

Managing Leaves of Absence Under the Family & Medical Leave Act presented by Attorney Gordon Hill of the Hill Ward Henderson firm in Tampa. Employees taking leaves of absence under the Family & Medical Leave Act can present unique challenges to employers, particularly when taking leave on an intermittent basis. Learn how to avoid litigation with practical tips based upon the latest rules and court decisions. Attendees will learn how the latest rules and court decisions impact your obligations under the FMLA; how the rules governing employer’s contact with employee health care providers can be used to your advantage; and, tips for managing difficult leave of absence issues, like intermittent leave and reduced schedule leave.

Continuing Education

SHRM and HRCI continuing education approval is pending.


Cost is $25/per person and includes a continental breakfast, lunch at The Tampa Club, parking at the Bank of America parking garage, and seminar materials.

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Hotel Accommodations

If you are traveling and should require overnight accommodations, a group rate of $135 (single or double occupancy) for the night of November 11 is available at the Hilton Tampa Downtown across the street from the Hill Ward Henderson offices. To make reservations, call 813-222-4871 and ask for the Florida Law Alliance rate by November 4. Reservations after November 4 will be accepted based on availability at the prevailing hotel rate.


If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Gail Lamarche, Director of Marketing at Henderson Franklin by phone 239-344-1186 or by email at gail.lamarche@henlaw.com.