Last week, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) issued a news release announcing a proposed rule which would impose a new notice requirement on employers subject to the National Labor Relations Act (“NLRA”).  The notice would inform employees of their rights under the NLRA, including their right to unionize.

According to the press release, the NLRB “believes that many employees protected by the NLRA are unaware of their rights under the statute.  The intended effects of this action are to increase knowledge of the NLRA among employees, to better enable the exercise of rights under the statute, and to promote statutory compliance by employers and unions.”

The proposed rule is open for a 60-day comment period.  If the rule passes, covered employers would be required to post the employee rights notice where other notices (i.e. FLSA notices, FMLA notices, OSHA notices, etc.) are typically posted.  Additionally, an employer may be required to post the notice electronically, if that is the primary method by which the employer communicates with its employees.

A fact sheet is available here.  The full text of the proposed rule is available here.  Check back with us for an update after the comment period ends February 22, 2011.