Governor Ron Desantis issued an executive order prohibiting COVID-19 “vaccine passports” in Florida. The order prevents government entities from issuing “vaccine passports” or other standardized documentation for the purpose of certifying an individual’s COVID-19 vaccine status to a third party.

How does this order impact Florida business owners?

Further, this order prohibits businesses in Florida from requiring patrons to provide documentation certifying that the individual had a COVID-19 vaccination. Businesses still, however, can employ COVID-19 screening protocols and measures, such as requiring the use of a mask.

This issue has been a lightning rod around the country where many more restricted states have been in favor of such “vaccine passports,” and other states, such as Florida, have been vocal against it.

Governor DeSantis has stated he would take action against this invasive documentation by “an executive function, emergency function.” The Governor voiced privacy concerns over corporations handling “vaccine data.”

By contrast, New York has launched an Excelsior Pass which can be utilized on a phone app or code that can be scanned to provide proof of vaccination.

DeSantis has indicated that the legislature is working on making these protections for Floridians permanent by way of law. The executive order is effective immediately.