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April 21 Update

Unfortunately, the grant application process is closed. Carolyn Cawley President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation stated in a letter:

We received more than 15,000 applications in minutes and, while we will begin awarding grants this week based on existing donations, we are no longer able to accept applications. Those who did submit an application will be notified if it results in a grant.”

A link for additional resources may be found here.


If you own a small business and missed the first round of SBA funding, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is offering a helpful alternative called the Save Small Business Fund. Through the Save Small Business Fund, eligible small businesses can receive $5,000 grants to use towards business expenses.

To be eligible for the grant, you must:

  1. Run a small business or chamber of commerce with between 3-20 employees, including yourself,
  2. Your business must be located in an economically vulnerable community based on the zip code of your business address, and
  3. Your business must have been financially harmed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The application process is very simple and will take about 10 minutes to complete. The only necessary information will be the W-9 form for your business and some basic information about your business. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis, so once you apply, you will not have to apply again in order to continue to be eligible to receive a grant. The grants will be awarded every week until all available funds have been used.

To find out if your business is eligible to apply, or to complete your application, go to The grant applications will become available today, April 20, at 3:00pm EST.