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Guest post by John Miller, Esquire, Stockholder in Henderson Franklin’s Tort & Insurance Litigation Group

Regardless of the economic or political climate, there never seems to be a decline in tort lawsuits. Be it personal injury claims, employment suits, or professional liability cases, 2017 promises to be another busy year for insurance defense litigators.

Data Security – Data Breaches

One area where business owners and litigators are likely to see an increase in claims and suits, is in the realm of data security and data breaches. 2017 will likely bring more lawsuits arising out of intentional data breaches and inadvertent data disclosure than we saw in 2016. Business owners and individuals who collect personal data in the course of their everyday

Practice Pointers

Business owners and individuals who collect personal data in the course of their everyday transactions should take special care to safeguard said data, as suits arising out of the inadvertent disclosure of personal information are likely to see an increase in the new year.

Business owners should not only work with third party professionals to ensure that the security of their data, but they will benefit from developing comprehensive user data agreements for use with their customers.

While evolving technology certainly makes our lives easier, it will likely serve as a new source for potential liability for those who embrace it.

About the Author John Miller

MillerJohn focuses his litigation practice in tort and insurance defense, municipal and governmental liability defense, and professional negligence defense. He also speaks and writes frequently before public and private associations on matters of social media and technology in litigation.

John is very active in the community and serves as Chairman of the Child Care of Southwest Florida Board of Directors. He also serves as the Young Lawyer Director on the Florida Defense Lawyers Association Board of Directors and is a member of the Florida Bar, Young Lawyers Division, Board of Governors.

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