U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) launched a new E-Verify Employers Search Tool that provides web based users with an interface to view profiles of employers that actively use the E-Verify program. It replaces the lists of E-Verify employers and federal contractors which previously appeared on the E‑Verify Website. The search tool only includes those employers and federal contractors that are currently enrolled in E‑Verify and who have self-reported that their company has five or more employees. It is current as of December 15, 2012, and will be updated on a quarterly basis. Employers that terminate their E-Verify accounts will be subsequently removed from the search tool. The search tool contains the following information:

  • Business name: the name used during registration with E-Verify, which can be the legal name of the business or individual, a trade name, or abbreviation);
  • Whether it has a Federal Contractor Identifier;
  • Type of Federal Contractor Employee verification: whether all new hires or entire workforce;
  • Employer city, state and ZIP code used at registration; and
  • Workforce size:  only those employers who have five or more employees.

The search tool also includes the capability to filter the results, sort the ascending or descending order of the records displayed, and export the results to a comma -separated value (CSV) file. Filtering can be done by Employer Name, Federal Contractors, City, State or Zip Code. The search tool does have its limitations. For one, since employers enrolled in E-Verify only provide a contact address and the address where the employer conducts E-Verify cases (regardless of how may company locations participate in E-Verify), not all business locations of an employer enrolled in E-Verify will necessarily be listed in the search tool results. Additionally, since there are no required naming conventions when an employer enrolls in E-Verify, an employer may use its legal name,a trade name for public business purposes (e.g. fictitious name), or an abbreviation or a company name based on his or her location within the company. As a result, employers may not be found unless searched specifically by the name it used to enroll in E-Verify. Furthermore, given that E-Verify does not currently collect any information on federal contracts (e.g. DUNS number, contract number, number of contracts held by a company or location, period of performance of a contract, and/or number of personnel on a contract, and whether they’re a subcontractor), even when a company is in the search tool database, it’s not possible to determine how many of its employees should be verified or which locations should be covered by that company. For more Search Tool information check out the User Guide or the Questions and Answers.