Florida’s minimum wage will increase 6 cents to $7.31 per hour tomorrow, June 1, 2011.  Tipped employees (those employees who are eligible for the tip credit) will also see an increase of 6 cents, to $4.29 per hour.  The increase, announced by the Agency for Workforce Innovation earlier this month, is described in detail in the Agency’s press release.

Florida employers must post the appropriate minimum wage notices.  The English version can be downloaded here.  The Spanish version can be downloaded here.  Please note that you must also post the federal minimum wage notice.  It can be downloaded here.

Employers should act immediately to ensure they are in compliance with the new Florida minimum wage increase.  As you’ve heard us say many, many times before, FLSA wage lawsuits are all the rage, especially here in the Middle District.  If you fail to pay your employees proper wages, we can practically guarantee it won’t be long until a process server comes knocking on your door.  FLSA lawsuits almost never end well — or cheaply — for employers.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Trust us when we say you’re better safe than sorry!